Install a league database

There are two ways :

Try this:
1 – Run game. Under utilities, hit create a new blank database. Call it CHA2018.
1a-Or, you can also use windows explorer to create a folder called CHA2018 in the c:\dksports-data\hockey\seasons directory.  You can call the database name whatever you want, does not have to be CHA2018.
2- Next take the zip file that Del sent out and unzip the file to the c:\\dksports-data\hockey\seasons\cha2018 file folder.
3- It should put all the league files in your cha2018 game folder.
4-From the game menu, choose, SETUP, Active season. Select the CHA2018 game folder. 
Hopefully things will run from there.

A Second way:

0-Take Del’s zip file and rename it CHA
1-Run the game . 
2- In the menu go to SETUP, Install season.  Find the zip file you renamed in the folder you saved it in. If you do not see it, click on the game in the game that says display all zip files.
3- Click on in the yellow box and hit begin installation. It should create a folder for you under c:\dksports-data\hockey\seasons  called CHA  .
4-It should also default to that league file when done.
Let me know if you have any problems with the first way or the second way.