To Export end of month stats (& see boxscores)

To send a Boxscore
1. When you finish the game, I think it says boxscore.
2. It will show you the boxscore for the game. I click on that box and then from the Menu choose  FILE  in the top right hand corner.
3. I then hit  DISK, and save it as a text file .   It will save it as a default in the league folder c:\dksports-data\hockey\seasons\CHA    . I save mine as boxscore. txt . 
4. You can then send out the boxscore.   I then keep saving over the same in the same spot for ease of use.   If your email font format is New Courier 12, the columns will all line up.
5. Even after playing a game you can see the boxscore.
6. From screen menu click on TEAM REPORTS , and your team. It will show your games.  To access just double click on the game you want to see.  Boxscore will pop up.

To send the stats (prefer you send the finished month, that way I only need to import once)
1. finish game and get out of game.
2. In the menu , hit Utilities.
3. Then export games.
4. Click on the games you played and then maybe change the file name to PetesOctober (or something, the default is the date) .
5. After changing the export name then hit Begin export button . 
6.The export file will be placed in your CHA league folder (c:\dksports-data\hockey\seasons\cha)  and will be named Petesoctober.hbx